About Us

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Charlene’s Love of sewing & crafts started in seventh grade Home Economics class.

Her passion continued, and grew over the years, sewing Clothes and Home décor items. Her first job landed her in the fabric dept. at the local “Ben Franklin” store. Crafting was also a family business. Her parents owned and operated a Ceramic and Stain Glass Store for over eighteen years. Where Charlene worked and helped teach classes. One of her passions was porcelain lace draped dolls, a combination of fabric lace and liquid porcelain. Allowing her to express her creative side and another median. She began teaching classes at the young age of nineteen.

After marrying her husband and starting a family she discovered another craft to add to her repertoire, Hand woven baskets. She took to it quite quickly, learning many different weave techniques.

With the encouragement of her husband & family, in 1995, she started selling her wares at local crafts shows, and began teaching classes at home, around her dining room table.

Voilà the birth of “Char’s Crafty Cottage”.

Sewing still remained close to her heart years later, she took her first quilt class with her mom, which opened another world of sewing possibilities. Over the years she took on many projects, sewing for friends, neighbors, and her church. Char transformed her business, expanding into machine embroidery, long arm quilting sewing services.

With the “Second generation” joining in Char’s Crafty Cottage, has now expanding into, vinyl, 3D printing, laser cutting, and subline ink transfer printing.

We continue to evolve and grow our family business; it’s a place where we like to treat our clients like family.

“Being Creative is Not a Hobby it’s a way of life.”